eTown Hall — Showing and Sacred Sound Journey

We had a great Boulder showing event of Secret of Water at eTown Hall.

We chose the Spring Equinox as a time to celebrate the emergence of water in its purest form!

March 21st, 2015

Secret of Water Documentary– Boulder Premiere

Movie showing was preceded by Sacred Sound Journey and water healing ceremony with Kimba Arem, and Joshua and Seth Larson of Something Underground

4:30 doors open

5:00 Sacred Sound Journey and Water Ceremony

6:00 open doors for movie

Preceding the movie was a sacred sound journey with international recording artist and sound therapist Kimba Arem, and Joshua and Seth Larson of the Colorado band Something Underground. Experience the sound of the water phone, quartz crystal didjeridu, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, 4 chamber flute, Native American flute, and the melodies, harmonies, and mantras that heal our bodies, mind, and soul.

Artist Bios

Kimba Arem

Kimba Arem is a performer, recording artist, and a musician since age seven, with classical training in piano and flute. She received a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona, preparing for medical school.

Kimba_rivers_webFollowing a near-death experience in 1992, and while later attending acupuncture graduate school studying Chinese Taoist Medicine, she was introduced to sound therapy. Since then, she has developed her own practice, grown out of extensive subtle-energy training in sound therapy, herbology, Reiki (master level), flower and gem essences, and aromatherapy. She also works with light and color, and has incorporated these diverse elements into a multidimensional approach to healing in her sound-therapy private practice. In a session she uses multiple forms of subtle-energy techniques, a “vibrasound” bed and a hemi-synch light machine; yet the primary focus is on playing various indigenous and classical instruments in the human energy field, to accompany these other modalities. Her main instrument is a quartz crystal didjeridu, as well as multi-chambered Native American flutes, four-chambered Celtic flute, Tibetan and crystal bowls, tingshas, tuning forks, harp, Aboriginal bullroarer, various percussion instruments, and recites healing therapeutic mantras from various cultures. Kimba is dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening through sacred sound.

Kimba’s offerings include composing and engineering music for CDs and film, group sound journeys, workshops, and private sound-therapy sessions. Her sound therapy CDs currently in print include Waltz of the Moon, Vibrational Sound Healing, Gaearth Dreaming, Peace Journey, The Healing Didjeridu, Creation’s Tone, Psychedelic Prayers, The Way of Water, Color of Sound, and Self-Healing with Sound and Music with Kimba Arem and Dr. Andrew Weil. Her latest CD, Crossing the Great Waters, is intended to help with transitions such as birthing and dying.

Josh and Seth Larson

Boys water creditsBrothers Seth and Josh Larson were born into musical families. That deep-rooted connection to music is ever-present in their seamless delivery of the many styles they perform with their Denver-based rock band Something Underground. Rock, reggae and funk are just a few of the vehicles they use to move their audiences but in more recent years have expanded their musical offerings to the yoga and healing arts communities. Joining forces with muliti-talented sound therapist, Kimba Arem, the trio continues to explore the healing powers of music.

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  1. Hello. I saw your movie in Sedona today and am intrigued by the information presented, Do you happen to have a list of key research articles on this subject? Thank you.

  2. We will be expanding our website greatly over the coming weeks with more links and information, please check back soon!

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